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Extinction Gameplay Trailer Revealed at E3, Shows Beautiful World and Stunning Gameplay

Two weeks ago, we saw the reveal of Extinction by Iron Galay and Maximum Games. A type of Attack on Titan game, Extinction sets you in a world where humanity is being systematically destroyed by a group of behemoths called Ravenii. It’s a vast, colorful world which we only saw a brief cinematic of in the reveal. Today, however, at E3 a full gameplay walkthrough was revealed showing us an inside look at exploration and the new combat system.
The main protagonist, Avil, is one of the last of the legendary order of Sentinels – warriors who are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to take down these fearsome foes. His ultimate goal is to save as much of humanity as possible, by helping civilians escape their imminent doom. 

Extinction’s gameplay is fast, fluid, and emphasizes high-speed traversal around the environment. Avil can dash in any direction, run horizontally and vertically along surfaces, cling to walls, pull himself up ledges, and traverse the environment with his whip. He can run on virtually anything, including buildings, mountainsides, and even all over his colossal foes.
Combat in Extinction requires skillfully combining Avil’s wide arsenal of attacks with his extremely high mobility in order to take down the Ravenii and their minions. He can chain attacks together in a variety of ways, as well as cancel his attacks into powerful Rune Strikes (and even dodges). His momentum builds up as he kills minions, dismembers ogres, saves civilians, and completes other objectives. This makes him more powerful, and gives him the energy he needs to land the killing strike.
No exact release date has been announced yet, but Extinction is set to release on Xbox One in early 2018, Q1. Take a look at the trailer below. More to come

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