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Extra Content Absent With Catherine’s PC Port Release

Just last week Sega teased the feasibly implied chance that their 2011 title Catherine will be coming to PC at some point, today the game has been announced for the platform and has instantly appeared on Steam.

As the new port bumps the resolution to 4K, unlocks the game’s framerate, giving the option to change the game’s language between English & Japanese, and customize controls: the list of feature included in the approaching Catherine: Full Body edition is nowhere to be seen.

With promised gameplay additions like online play, more difficulty modes, and varying story events not being present leaves fans disappointed at best and angered at its worst. Seeing how soon the enhanced version of Atlus’ story platformer is to releasing, at least in Japan, it was assumed that the additional features would have been included with the PC iteration.

Since Full Body will be exclusive to Japan when it releases, the plan to sit on buying the PC version could work out better since the game is planned to release in the West sometime after the upcoming launch.

What do you think about Sega’s decision for Catherine’s PC port?

Catherine is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & 4, PC, and PlayStation Vita.


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