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Facebook Announces Acquisition Of Beat Games

Posted on November 28, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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The market of virtual reality truly kicked off about a year ago with titles like Beat Saber proving that there is endless amount of playtime provided through the still to understand medium of games. And while the game is still receiving an influx of music packs every other week as of late, the team over at Beat Games has a new home. In an announcement made by Oculus recently, the Czech Republic studio has been acquired by Facebook.

The announcement made by Oculus Director of Content Mike Verdu, he shares that despite the acquisition, Beat Games will still work on continuing to bring currently promised along with new content to Beat Saber following this new addition to the Oculus Studios family.

Beat Saber is a perfect example of why VR is so exciting—VR reimagines old genres and invents new ones. The team at Beat Games made a leap forward in innovation and design with the stellar blend of game mechanics and music in Beat Saber, and yet we know that they, along with so many other devs, are just getting started.

Upon what lies ahead for the European developer, Verdu then goes on to share that the already scheduled 360° levels for December are still on way for next month among other music to be added later on into 2020. Regarding the already thriving modding community that lives within the Beat Saber DNA, Verdu explains that this same ecosystem will be left untouched if the community adjustments meets the new guidelines under Facebook. Versions on other platforms are also clarified to be still be prioritized with new content to be available the same time as it would for Oculus.

Interesting enough, Verdu then went on to share that the team at Oculus is still looking to ‘accelerate’ the virtual reality market following the recent announcement. “We’re exploring many ways to accelerate VR, and we think next year is going to be an incredible one of VR game launches and announcements.”

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Source: Oculus

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