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Fall Guys Monopoly Released in US

Posted on January 25, 2022 by Tyler Nienburg

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Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, a platform battle royale game that popped off in the Summer of 2020 has reached new heights of collaborations with other games and now we are getting board games of it. Recently, Mediatonic revealed a brand new Monopoly set that is Fall Guys themed.

The game has real obstacles as seen in the game and it is now available on Amazon for $26.49 USD.

Here is what the game includes:

FALL GUYS THEME: Become the Blunderdome champion! This Monopoly game features exciting gameplay, colorful artwork, zany game components, and character tokens inspired by Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

DODGE OBSTACLES: Let the chaos begin! Players dodge interactive obstacles placed around the gameboard! Avoid Big Yeetus, Moving Wall, and See Saw obstacles, and activate them to foil other beans

INCLUDES KNOCKOUT DIE: When a player begins their turn, they’ll roll the Knockout die. This will let them do things such as activate obstacles, collect Kudos, or even move other players

BUY ROUNDS, COLLECT CROWNS: Move around the board buying as many Rounds as possible. When passing Go, collect a Crown! Each one hauls in 10,000 Kudos at the end of the game

FOR FALL GUYS FANS: The Monopoly: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Edition game is a fun twist on classic Monopoly gameplay and makes a great gift idea for fans of Fall Guys, and players ages 8 and up

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