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Fallout 4 Limited Edition Xbox One Controller Revealed

Posted on October 19, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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Bethesda is running a 20% sale on their online store this week and tomorrow it looks like you can grab this Limited Edition Fallout 4 Xbox One controller. Each day through Friday will debut new Fallout-themed merchandise, and 5,000 of these controllers will become available October 20th. This wired Xbox One controller comes in the classic vault jumpsuit colours with the ever-cheerful Vault Boy painted on it. The price is currently unavailable and will be revealed when the controllers go on sale. As you saw in the above picture the controller is designed in the theme of the game, also if you are thinking about buying this gem think fast because these will sell very fast.

It will be up on the Bethesda Online Store 

Will you buy one?


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