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Fan Finds Neat RGB Feature For Xbox Elite 2 Controller

Posted on September 16, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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For the things that is offered from Xbox controllers, it is fairly primitive on the functions it provides in comparison to prior gamepads. While there is little improvements on the newest iteration, it stands fairly identical to the Xbox One paddle. However, it is apparent that the Xbox team wants to follow the example made by PlayStation with the DualSense. Recently, Xbox lead Phil Spencer spoke on tapping into the possibilities to advance in that direction.

What Microsoft does that Sony Interactive Entertainment has not established is a frequent line of variety for its controllers. Just recently, Microsoft delivered the Aqua Shift Special Edition gamepad in late August. Of course, there is also the Xbox Design Lab now available for the Xbox Series controllers as well. Coming November will deliver the Forza Horizon 5 Special Edition controller as well which reintroduces the transparent shell for the latest generation.

But on Twitter, one fan found a cool characteristic for the 2019 Xbox Elite 2 Controller. In that, user @XboxJuan4K in a thread shares that the advanced gamepad also offers an RGB feature in the glowing Xbox logo on the top of the controller. You can view the tweet below:

While it is not a direct function over on Xbox consoles, the discovery is made over on Steam. When linking your controller to the Valve-owned portal, you simply enter your settings and navigate until you find ‘Xbox Configure Support’ and ‘Xbox Extended Feature Support’. Then, the system will reset to recognize an Xbox Elite 2 Controller.

Following that, you will need to re-navigate until you find ‘Preferences’ is when the real magic happens. With that, you will be able to choose any color on the RGB slider which will be radiated through the top button. Of course, there is also the option to make the logo pulse all colors as well which the user revealed in the original clip.

Additionally, it is also shared that the preset color you choose for the controller on PC is not unique to the platform. After saving your preferences and reconnecting to an Xbox system is where you will find that is still there when playing console once more. A niché, unknown feature that Microsoft appears not to indicate initially is now public knowledge.

Although the Xbox Elite 2 Controller is nearly two years old, the gamepad is not irrelevant. Most recently at Gamescom is where Microsoft brought attention to the paddle once more. In that, an Halo Infinite Special Edition is on the way for release this November. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you going to try this new feature if you own a Xbox Elite 2 Controller?  

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