Fantasian Neo Dimension Announced, Coming Winter 2024

Posted on June 19, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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This week, Square Enix used the platform during Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct to break news on Dragon Quest. In that, Dragon Quest III 2D-HD Remake is coming later this November. Additionally, the firm also revealed that both Dragon Quest I & Dragon Quest II will also be receiving the same 2D-HD Remake makeover as well later on in 2025.

Elsewhere during the presentation, Square Enix as part of a new collaboration with Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and notorious composer Nobuo Uematsu revealed Fantasian Neo Genesis. You can watch the announcement trailer in the video below:

“The father of the FINAL FANTASY series, Hironobu Sakaguchi, and renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu return to deliver an original RPG story! Experience an enhanced version of FANTASIAN with brand new features including English and Japanese voice overs and an additional difficulty option,” the Nintendo press release reads.

“Assume the role of Leo as he journeys to recover his memories and solve the mystery of a strange mechanical infection destroying his world. Experience turn-based battles with a wealth of mechanics and strategic combat – including the ability to adjust a skill’s trajectory to target multiple foes at once or send enemies to a separate dimension to fight later – and explore a multi-dimensional universe set against a backdrop of over 150 charming hand-crafted dioramas.”

“The game also introduces the Dimengeon System, which allows you to avoid the interruptions of random encounters by sending previously encountered enemies to a dimensional dungeon,” Square Enix’s press release adds. “One such mechanic the ability to aim attacks to hit enemies in straight or curved lines. The key to success lies in observing your foes’ turn order and position on the battlefield and using the right skills and trajectory of attacks to take multiple foes out efficiently.”

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Fantasian Neo Genesis ships for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC in winter 2024.

Source: Nintendo, Square Enix

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