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Far Cry 5 Gets a Photo Mode

As of recent titles coming out, photo mode has been grabbing many fans to grab shots in the worlds they play. And now added to the list with this feature is Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5.
The game’s photo mode just like in other titles will give the player the option to take pictures of their best moments as they play. As you can only use this for single player only, this shouldn’t be a problem for those who play the latest Far Cry.
With a list of filters, frames and logos ready for use will help customize your photos you take throughout your playthorugh. And the photo mode carries through to the three standalone DLCs as well.
As Far Cry 5 launched back this March, it was a shame not seeing this feature come with the game’s release since previous Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed: Origins had at it launch. As the game pushes visuals you might only see in first party exclusive titles, it was a real treat from Ubisoft for how rich and luscious Hope County looked when we finally got our feet in. And now that we have this mode, more content will come to the game’s community besides just screenshots and maps in Far Cry Arcade.
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