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Far Cry Sequel Projects Reported To Be In Development At Ubisoft Montreal

Posted on February 7, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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When exploring the possibilities for the Far Cry franchise, the latest entry – Far Cry 6 – has a proper sendoff this past fall. In that, the expansion ‘Lost Between Worlds’ arrived to the game which also handled New Game+ as well. However, it was noted in being the last major update for the game. Other planned releases regarding the IP is an upcoming animated Netflix series, ‘Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix’.

As for future entries, details has yet to be officially disclosed. However, Insider Gaming reports that there are two separate projects in the work. Originally, the pair was said to be part of one title codenamed ‘Project Talisker’ which was overseen by Day Hay before his leave for Blizzard Entertainment back in December 2022. The production was then told by insiders to split into two.

Project Blackbird is said to be the official moniker for Far Cry 7 at Ubisoft Montreal. Additionally, the second title ‘Project Maverick’ is to be a new multiplayer experience set within the universe. From familiar people within the project, it is told to take place within the Alaskan region and feature permadeath, contracts, and a backpack system.

However, more enlightening details on the setting slated for the next mainline installment is still unknown. Insider Gaming does suggest a similar locale is being chosen for the flagship title to ease the transition between both titles for fans and new players. It is indicated in a poll from Ubisoft years prior that nodded to the Alaska-based setting and has now been realized for the new project(s).

Howbeit, there is an off chance Ubisoft could reconsider this relatively recent decision for an online-focused gamed. In the past, we’ve seen fully established titles like Hyper Scape fail to remain relevant. Atop of that, Ghost Recon Frontline – a title that was in active development – was binned before hitting storefronts.

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Source: Insider Gaming

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