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February’s Killer Instinct character is Aganos – an 8ft war golem

Posted on February 7, 2015 by Cam

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In January, in Omen’s official debut trailer, a giant golem fighter was teased who smashed Orchid into oblivion – all Iron Galaxy developers would not say his name, and instead, gave it the codename ‘Golem’ A name has not been known for this character, until now – on the Killer Instinct forums, Ishmae1, with the “Microsoft Studios” tag on the forums, showed off some of the character’s features, and gave it the name ‘Aganos’

Age: 3429 (assumed created ~1415 BC)
Height: 8’+
Nationality: Unknown
Gender: N/A
Type: War Golem
Personality traits: Obedient, Stoic, Reserved
Weapon: Fists & Boulders

Aganos has some incredible abilities, such as wall creation that changes the stage boundaries of the fight, being the biggest character in KI (Glacius was the previous holder of this title) and variable movement, jump and attack speeds depending on the amount of resource Aganos carries. Iron Galaxy will be showcasing Aganos in their stream next week, as well as showing off their new stage ‘Forgotten Grotto’ which will include a Stage Ultra!


Some additional changes will also be made in Update 2.4, such as Riptor’s blood will be made purple, and the character level maximum will change from 30 to 50.

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