Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is underperforming in sales

Posted on April 14, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the latest release from Square Enix and it’s currently exclusive to PlayStation 5. It’s the second part of the remake of Final Fantasy VII and apparently, sales are underperforming for the critically acclaimed game. In its first week, Rebirth’s physical week one sales in Japan were lower than Final Fantasy XVI, which could have been an early sign of what sales around the world could have been like.

According to ZhugeEX on X (Twitter), Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is underperforming sales-wise. “It’s selling about half of what Remake sold in the same timeframe and looks like it’ll have a weaker tail”, said ZhugeEX.

This wouldn’t be the first time Square Enix had a game underperform in the last year as Final Fantasy XVI underperformed expectations. The other one is Foamstars which is not related to Final Fantasy, but it’s another Square Enix game exclusive to the PlayStation platform not meeting expectations by losing 90% of its player base, at least that’s what is claimed.

final fantasy vii rebirth sales

It’s unlikely right now that we see the Final Fantasy VII Remakes on other consoles, but reports did claim that Final Fantasy XVI would be coming to Xbox Series X|S.

Do you think all Final Fantasy games should launch on all platforms after these reports?

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