Final Fantasy VII Rebirth physical week one sales in Japan were lower than Final Fantasy XVI

Posted on March 7, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has launched exclusively for PlayStation 5 as of now and the sales for its first week in Japan have been revealed. The total number of PS5 physical launch sales for the latest edition of the Final Fantasy VII remake sold 262,000 copies in Japan which trails Final Fantasy XVI by a decent number.

Final Fantasy XVI sold 336,000 physical copies in Japan within its first week which still is the best Japanese physical launch for the PlayStation 5. That would put Final Fantasy VII Rebirth as the second-best Japanese launch like this.

In the Summer of 2023, Final Fantasy XVI sales underperformed Square Enix’s expectations when it was released in June. It’s too early to tell how well Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has done as far as sales performance goes.

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