Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date For March 2020 Confirmed By Latest Trailer

Posted on June 10, 2019 by Nick Moreno

Listen to this Article:

Prior to the concert held by Square Enix Sunday night, video game outlet GameSpot released an article early revealing that the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake will be coming this winter. User Serene on ResetEra discovered the article and managed to save the piece before being taken down.

The article titled “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date Announced at E3 2019 Concert”, with the subcomment reading “Winter is coming”. The article from what was present at the short time it went live showed that it was unfinished as an edit at the bottom of the piece, revealing that the game will be available on March 3rd of next year.

Following the incident leading to the concert, Square Enix officially revealed the date alongside posting the announcement video which was showcased at the event celebrating the title. You can watch the video below:

What wasn’t discussed in the either the trailer nor during the concert was if the entire game will be coming or simply just the first part. As previously reported, the forthcoming remake was confirmed to still be coming in three different episodes. More is expected to be revealed about the March-aimed release at tonight’s Square Enix press conference

Are you excited to finally return to the iconic 1997 title completely revamped for modern hardware?

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be out for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.


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