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Final Fantasy XV DLC: Episode Ignis gets release period and teaser

We made it through Episodes Gladiolus and Prompto, but are now waiting on Ignis. Expected around August, the date unfortunately has been revealed to be December of this year instead. Will it be worth the wait? When asked, developers at Square Enix said that they believe Ignis’ part of the story is the most integral of the three to the main story, as well as the most heart-wrenching. Prompto’s was enough of a downer, I cannot imagine what Iggy will do to us. Those who have completed the main storyline know that Ignis becomes a real heartstring tugger by the end, so I am almost not eager to play his episode. I will, of course, because I love Ignis and Final Fantasy XV, but dang.
We now have a teaser that seems to show exactly the part of the game we missed from Noctis’ point of view that I was anticipating, and man this may be painful to play.
Episode Ignis is out for season pass holders or individual download for $4.99 on both Xbox One and Playstation 4 some time in December 2017.

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