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Final Fantasy XV PC release in consideration.

Square Enix was interviewed on Final Fantasy XV as a mixed-media project during the Uncovered event last week. Final Fantasy XV will release worldwide on September 30, 2016 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. They were asked if a PC version will be considered here is what they had to say:

If we had plans for a PC release, then we’d want to release it as closely as possible to the console versions. However, since we didn’t have any plans for it, there won’t be one releasing closely to the PC version. When we develop and research in the DirectX 11 generation, all the work goes into the console version. After release, we plan to do some research on a PC version while considering higher specs.

Another question was if there was any plans for DLC.

There are plans. The objective is to make Final Fantasy XV‘s play last longer, even if it’s by a little more. There will be free DLCs, and considering that production does have its costs, there will be some paid ones, too. Since the content [for the DLC] is undetermined, we’ve yet to formally announce it. We’re thinking about having something for those who’ll purchase and enjoy Final Fantasy XV for a long time. Additional scenario is also being considered.


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