Final Fantasy XVI Add-On ‘The Rising Tide’ Is Out This Week

Posted on April 19, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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Last summer, Final Fantasy XVI arrived to PlayStation 5 and stood up to the anticipating fans for the next mainline entry in the series. “Final Fantasy XVI is a true next-generation entry to the king of the RPG genre. With its breathtaking visuals, enchanting music, compelling storytelling, and engaging gameplay, it is a journey that will resonate with players long after the final credits roll,” we wrote in our review for the game then.

Looking ahead, there are plans for post-launch support for Final Fantasy XVI. In that, Square Enix promised at lease two add-on expansions for the base game. At The Game Awards, the publisher detailed DLC ‘The Rising Tide’ along with the release for ‘Echoes of the Fallen’ that arrived then. In the grapevine, there are industry whispers of an Xbox port on the way for sometime in the near future.

This week, the latter expansion ‘The Rising Tide’ arrives to Final Fantasy XVI this week. You can watch the DLC trailer in the video below:

“The Rising Tide unlocks an all-new story, battles, sidequests, weapons, accessories, level cap and more, adding a new depth to Clive’s journey before the exciting conclusion of FINAL FANTASY XVI. Players will gain new Eikonic abilities, explore a beautiful new area in the hidden land of Mysidia, and dive into battle against the legendary water Eikon, Leviathan the Lost,” the synopsis reads.

“The new DLC also adds brand new end-game content with the Kairos Gate, where players will challenge 20 stages of intense scored and ranked battles against waves of enemies. Special bonus items for purchasing The Rising Tide or the Expansion Pass include a reimagined version of the ‘Curtana,’ the signature weapon used by the Warrior of Light in FINAL FANTASY XIV, as well as ‘Torn from the Heavens’ and ‘Through the Maelstrom’ Orchestrion Rolls, to be played as background music in the hideaway.”

What has you most excited for the latest Final Fantasy XVI DLC?

Final Fantasy XVI is out now for PlayStation 5.

Source: Square Enix

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