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Financial Reports Shares Four AAA Titles Expected From Ubisoft Before March 2020

Posted on February 17, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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As publishers have finally left 2018 behind with Q4 2018 recently ending and entering into February, Ubisoft’s financial earnings call recently took place releasing where the publisher stands in sales with their latest titles and provided services through their concurrent online titles.

Projected records for Ubisoft’s titles exceed expectations as both Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey as and Far Cry 5 are in the top 10 most sold titles for 2018. As well as install base on console platforms for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One grew 21% while Switch reached 115%. Previously released titles continue to drive numbers also as both For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege still hit big digits: For Honor gaining six million users and Siege’s major gain in revenue derived from added content.

Esports also plays a major role as competitive Siege viewership blew up by 205% last year. Siege also grew its playerbase up to an average 45 million players due to the shooter’s growing activity. For numbers on their recently acquired free-to-play brawler Brawlhalla was not discussed in the financial report despite the game’s continued traction in the competitive scene.

One thing worth noting is that Ubisoft has confirmed that the publisher plans to release around three to four new AAA titles before the end of 2019’s fiscal year. And of course, Ubisoft didn’t disclose what the titles could be and leaving those interested to speculation on what might be next.

Looking at Ubisoft’s roster of games, for what could possibly be revealed in the coming months are a select few. One being Watch Dogs 3: as the first two released within two years of each other and 2018 being the year to break the pattern, it’s a good chance we will see the next installment later this year. Another being Skull & Bones, though the game has been pretty under wraps since debuting back in 2017, this year could be where Ubisoft plans to really unleash the pirate adventure title.

Another good guess is looking towards Sam Fisher and his new title. If you are unsure, our source back in April revealed to us that a Splinter Cell game is on the way as Microsoft will be marketing the title in the coming year or two. As well as the game being leaked more than once the past year alone: one major leak being through Wal-Mart Canada back in May.

Other guesses from Ubisoft is leaning towards Beyond Good & Evil 2. But that being pretty unlikely since the game is still well into early development, it’s always fun to have hope for more to be revealed. The more obvious being the annual installment in the Just Dance series. With Ubisoft announcing to be skipping a 2019 release for Assassin’s Creed, we can mark that one off the list.

Do you have any guesses that we didn’t list already? Let us know below.

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