Firewall Zero Hour – Operation: Black Dawn New Season Arrives Today For PlayStation VR

Posted on February 4, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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First Contact Entertainment’s Firewall Zero Hour launched nearly two years ago and since then have received a handful of seasonal events that introduces new content to the game. Starting today, the next season for the first-person action shooter with Operation: Black Dawn. This new add-on client will include a new map, character, and weapons, of course.

Set on the coast of the Caspian Sea inaugurates the next free map Oil Rig: a close quarters map that will include a bevy of different choke points and advantages that continues to stir the flow of the game. In celebration of the new playable setting, the lobby environment when booting up the game will be this added map.

Moving on to the next added contractor Saul which introduces the Technician ability that allows the player to intercept planted enemy equipment. With this new feature for players to test the waters surely will add onto the possibilities for game outcomes when playing on the field. Op Pass owners for Operation: Black Dawn can expect to play the newest Contractor addition.

Alike previous seasons, this wouldn’t be the same without a few new firearms being added to the game’s arsenal. Introducing the Custom X-MR for your primary weapon which players can pick up once completing today’s Free Mission. The Legendary Weapon Skin for Black Dawn reveals Saul’s CQB which can be unlocked for Op Pass holders after completing all missions for the season. First Contact also included graphic reticles for all tiered players.

Luckily for PlayStation Plus subscribers, those who own the online service can go and pick up Firewall Zero Hour now for free. That alongside The Sims 4 and Bioshock: The Collection will be available for the entirety of February to download for no cost.

Firewall Zero Hour is out now for PlayStation VR.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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