First Was A Xbox Series X Fridge, Now A Fan Has Created A Minifridge For The Next-Gen Console

Posted on November 10, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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It was just at the end of October that Microsoft fully embraced the jokes and memes of the Xbox Series X’s appearance and announced the firm would be giving away a refrigerator that takes after the likeness of the system’s design. While there has been several images that offer the idea of the device being a functioning fridge, the firm went the extra mile and worked to make the fantasy a reality.

Now taking inspiration from that and incorporating a closer to scale version of the next-generation console, one fan created a minifridge just in time for the release of Microsoft’s latest hardware. YouTuber Mundo Yakara Colombia uploaded a video recently sharing his journey to creating the miniature fridge which required more than 100 hours of labor to complete.

You can watch the footage of the Xbox Series X minifridge in the video below:

While the outcome of the piece does look to be as legitimate as the refrigerator that Microsoft was handing to one lucky fan last week, it is surprising once realizing that this Xbox Series X minifridge is a DIY project. From the size to the mirroring design and even the green lights within, it is worth giving the YouTuber some credit for creating this from memes passed around online.

As mentioned, the Xbox Series X alongside the Xbox Series S are officially out, and with that comes benefits for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners. For console at least, users can now enjoy EA Play for free for no additional cost. You can read the full list of games that will be offered through the service by heading here.

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