Foamstars Season 2 – Groovy Disco has been released

Posted on March 11, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Square Enix has launched the second season for Foamstars already and it’s named Groovy Disco. The new season features a new character, new missions, and limited-time events, as well as a variety of new free and premium cosmetic content. Groovy Disco will run from March 8 until April 12 lasting just over a month.

Season 2 – Groovy Disco Features:

A new FOAMSTAR – Coiff GuyCoiff Guy can be acquired by all players for free as a Tier 31 reward for the Season Pass or obtained immediately by purchasing the Premium Pass.

More FOAMSTAR Missions: Three new Missions dive deeper into the FOAMSTARS backstories and introduce Dark Ramzey – a new boss to battle.

Extreme Party: Two special themed modes to celebrate the newest FOAMSTAR; the All Coiff Guy Party – where every player competes as Coiff Guy, and the Super Duel Party, where players battle 1-on-1.

Ranked Party: Two limited-time seasonal events, the solo player-based Ranked Party Lonestar and team-based Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe.

Happy FriYAY Party: A limited-time party event to try-out next season’s FOAMSTAR.

Weekly free limited-time items: Every Friday the shop will feature a new free item available for everyone. Week one is Jet Justice’s Dance A emote.

Foamstars is now available to purchase for $29.99 USD via the PlayStation Store and requires PlayStation Plus to play. The Premium Season Pass is available for $5.99 USD.

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