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Following today's cancellation of Scalebound, evidence of game continually being removed

Earlier today, we were given confirmation that the previously upcoming game Scalebound from Platinum Games has been cancelled. Following the official announcement from Microsoft Studios, Polygon reported that the game’s official site has been gutted and only bears the cancellation press release.
Polygon also notes that along with all but the game’s official Twitter being scrubbed off the easily-acessible Internet, the announcement and gameplay trailers on YouTube have been made private so that the general public cannot access them. Sadly, the other videos from Scalebound‘s appearances at Gamescom 2015 and E3 2016 have also been private.
This means that Microsoft and Platinum Games will likely not be working on the title in the near future, and likely any further at all. For the time being, however Platinum Games does have the upcoming Nier: Automata to finish and release on Playstation 4 and Windows. No further Xbox One titles are scheduled to release from Platinum Games, at least as far as is publicly known.
Via: Polygon

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