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Former Boss Key Productions Studio Head Cliff Bleszinski Shares Regretting Not Bringing Lawbreakers To Xbox One

Posted on May 20, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Back during the initial first turn of the console generation for the ongoing Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the industry swiftly turned in favor of Sony’s hardware over the system that Microsoft shipped at the time. And for good reason too, this also swayed development studios to partner with Sony to establish unique properties to its platform along with PC if it meant the game would not come to Xbox One.

However, sometime this might end negatively despite the narrative running at the time for some teams. This one being Boss Key Productions, the developer followed as said which ultimately turned the team belly side up as leading models at the developer happened to be a prolific face on the Xbox side of the discussion. That being Cliff Bleszinski who previously conjured the initial Gears of War trilogy when working at Epic Games who later went on to form Boss Key Productions.

Follow suit the founding of his team, Bleszinski’s studio later on in 2017 released its first project, Lawbreakers. Despite the traction the game picked as the leading face for the Gears of War trilogy was helming the title; the game ultimately did not get off the ground. Even after receiving decent reception, the online-only project could not collect enough players to form full lobbies.

Now this week, Bleszinski shared in a tweet that he does regret not brining the title to Xbox One as he instead favored PlayStation 4 over Microsoft’s system.

Later on in the thread, Bleszinski addresses his acknowledgement for the choice made despite his core following being on Xbox. “When people follow your career from a beloved series such as Gears on Xbox uhhh mighta made sense to put the new game on said console.” Even more, Bleszinski tells that his approaching memoir will address the entire situation when helming Boss Key Productions.

Following the shipment of Lawbreakers and its unfortunate outcome, Boss Key Productions went to hop on the chopping block shipping a niché spin on the battle royale, Radical Heights. The game offered buy stores and BMX bikes for players to utilize when playing to reach the last surviving user. However, it was not long after that the team closed its doors later on in 2018.

Near the end of 2018, Bleszinski told that he would be hanging up his keyboard for a script as he moves to produce Hadestown on Broadway. Since the opening of the theatrical performance, Hadestown went on to receive eight Tony awards which is an impressive achievement following the events that tailed Boss Key Productions.

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