Former Nintendo & F-Zero Designer Takaya Imamura States The Series Isn’t Gone For Good, But Is Surely “Hard To Bring Back”

Posted on April 18, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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At least when viewing Nintendo from afar, the Japanese console giant is gripping close to its properties like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, as we might expect. Even Pikmin is being utilized for its future plans as Nintendo partners with Niantic for a new mobile, augmented reality experience to expand from the success of Pokémon Go already. However, there are certainly lost hope for other properties under the brand.

Eyeing over to Chibi Robo is left lingering with despair and grief as developer Skip is reported to be closing shop. While Nintendo has yet to bring clarity to what is next for the franchise, fans are certain of the series’ demise after decisive evidence suggest that the Japanese studio is no more since last year.

The same is also stapled to F-Zero as well. However, former Nintendo designer & visual creator for Captain Falcon Takaya Imamura claims to think otherwise. When speaking to IGN, he tells that the series will be difficult “to bring back”, but it is far from being dead in the water. Imamura goes on to press on his experience when working at Nintendo for the project initially.

I think it started with [Amusement Vision’s] Toshihiro Nagoshi proposing the project to Miyamoto. I really liked Daytona USA (which Nagoshi produced), so I was honored to work with him. We had an arcade system board called Triforce which was based on the GameCube’s architecture, so when Nagoshi proposed doing an arcade version of F-Zero, I was really happy, as I had always been a fan of arcade games.

Back then, Nagoshi was the top of Amusement Vision, a subsidiary studio of Sega. I don’t think many people outside the company were ever allowed inside the actual development offices. Companies don’t usually let people inside their development offices, but they showed me the arcade cabinets they were working on, which has become a special memory for me.

Despite the hopefulness for a revival of F-Zero and Captain Falcon alike, there is no concrete suggestions as to what Nintendo would pursue to bring the property to newer hardware. While the firm has reintroduced previous entries through its virtual consoles in the past, determining what the next step might be is as good of a guess as mine for the time being.

While there is no clarity for the future of F-Zero, the same story cannot be said for Kirby. In the Kirby Star Allies Art Book, General Director Shinya Kumazaki states he is prepared for the “next phase” for the series to be unveiled soon. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you hoping to see Captain Falcon return to newer hardware?

Source: IGN

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