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Former Playground Games Creative Director forms new AAA studio, Maverick Games

Posted on January 10, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Mike Brown, who once was the Creative Director at Playground Games working on Forza Horizon 5 has created his own studio. Maverick Games is working on a premium AAA open-world game for consoles and PC.

The studio also consists of other veterans from Playground Games, Tom Butcher, Matt Craven, content director Gareth Harwood and audio director Fraser Strachan. The Maverick Games team currently consists of only ten employees, but they look to add as much as 140 members to the staff. This was all revealed from an interview with

“[In 2021] we shipped Forza Horizon 5, which was a thrill to work on,” Brown told “As much as I had an amazing journey at Playground, I was asking myself, what’s next? Do I stick with this fun, good job? Or do I look for other opportunities?

COO Harinder Sangha will be running the studio who is an award winning studio leader helping the formation of Sega Hardlight and Sumo Leamington.

The goal for Mike Brown’s studio is to create games that will win many awards. It’s tough to say what type of game will be made from Maverick Games, but the expectation right now is a new type of racing game. All we know is that they are creating a AAA Open World game which can be a number of things.

Are you excited to see what comes from Maverick Games?


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