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Fortnite arrives on Nintendo Switch with cross-play

During Nintendo’s Direct at E3 2018 they showed off a lot of game reveals that were coming to the Switch later this year. One of the games that they showed was Fortnite which is available on the console right now. Fortnite is a popular Battle Royale game which was the talk in gaming over the past few months and basically the entirety of 2018.
Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch will be 100% free and it will have cross-play with Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile players. There hasn’t been any information about any special features or brand new skins for it, but we expect something like that to happen in the future just like what they did with Rocket League skins last year.
Once again there will be no cross-play with the PlayStation 4 which is always expected at this point since Sony has had something against it since the start of it.
This is where the cross-play news came from:

Stay Tuned for more Fortnite on Nintendo Switch news.

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