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Fortnite Receiving NFL Skins

Two worlds of entertainment collide as the NFL and Epic Games have announced their partnership to bring every team in the league to Epic Games’ most popular battle royale.

On November 9th, players will able to purchase the football-themed outfits from the Fortnite item shop. Pricing of the NFL skins were not mentioned in the blog post. There will be a choice of six outfits when buying the skins, which will vary between three for male & female characters.

For customization, players will be able to choose the numbers to print on the back for any of the 32 team’s jerseys in the NFL.

On top of this announcement, Epic Games has also announced their deal with Nerf prior which will introduce Fortnite-based weapons in a new line of toys. As the game continues to team up with other companies, this adds a new layer of content that doesn’t really relate to Epic’s title. And gets you guessing what might come next from the publisher in the near future if this continues to happen.

Fortnite is available now for PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Androis, and iOS.

Source: Epic Games

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