Forza Horizon 2 January 2015 DLC Pack Clues and what i hope/think will be in the pack

Posted on January 3, 2015 by Metro

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The clues for the newest Forza Horizon 2 January 2015 DLC Car pack has been announced, and what other way to celebrate the clues then some good old fashioned guessing. Why not have an imagination on what the possible cars can be?

Car 1 Clue one

Born in a new era where a large part of the world was redefining itself.

1953 C1 Corvette

Car 2 Clue one

The original rad vehicle that opened up the great outdoors to many more enthusiasts.

AMC Eagle
Car 3 Clue one

The smile on its face will put a smile on your face. MORE WAGON!

2010 MazdaSpeed3 Wagon
Car 4 Clue one

Mr. Whipple will undoubtedly make you “Enjoy the go.”

Plymouth Roadrunner
Car 5 Clue one

First in Forza!

Nissan Skyline RS30 RSTurbo
Car 6 Clue one

“I don’t believe I was going over 55.” “You were going 55 backwards”

1998 GMC K-1500 Pickup Truck


Now of course not one of these are confirmed so i can be wrong, but i can also be right. I will be trying to do a review on all of these new DLC cars as soon as i can get my hands on them and giving you guys my brief opinions on the new pack and cars.


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