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Forza Horizon 4 hits 2 million players in week one

One of Microsoft’s biggest titles to launch this Fall is no other than Forza Horizon 4 which is a series that has been terrific for Xbox this generation. The title received a great score of 92 on Metacritic and it continues the momentum from the 3rd installment to the series.

Today, Playground Games and Microsoft announced that Forza Horizon 4 hit a total of two million players in its first week and its the highest rated Xbox exclusive of this generation and of course Forza continues to be the best selling racing franchise of this console generation.

Here are some other sweet stats that they revealed on the Xbox Wire:

  • More than 4.6 million hours of Forza Horizon 4 gameplay have been watched across Mixer, Twitch, YouTube and Facebook as of Oct. 9***
  • Players have logged more than 822.7 million miles – that’s probably not covered under manufacturer warranty
  • The community has settled in quite nicely living the Horizon Life, purchasing more than 4.1 million properties and owning more than 74.4 million cars
  • More than 377.7 million roads discovered

You can get Forza Horizon 4 right now on Xbox One and Windows 10 and if you are a subscriber for Xbox Game Pass you can download and play right away.

Check out our full review of the game here. 

Read more about the news here.


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