Full Destiny House of Wolves Details Revealed in Livestream

Posted on April 23, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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Bungie showed us a decent amount on the upcoming House of Wolves dlc for Destiny due out May 19th and fortunately, we got it all here for you. As you know, the Queen’s Wrath event is returning along with a new story character for us to experience. Her name is Petra Venj and is the service person to the queen. As you progress through the House of Wolves story, she will guide players through it and allow you to complete the special Queen’s bounties. When you complete them, you can level up Petra at the Queen’s vendor. New shaders, armor and gear sets for Queen’s Wrath will be available up to the new level cap of 34. They will be able to be earned in both PvE and PvP modes as well. A few other new characters are also included.


Variks is a Fallen vendor and sits in the House of Judgment. He also allows access into the Prison of Elders battle arena mode which will allow new Fallen gear that can be equipped. You will be able to earn the full Fallen gear set but in order to get access to the Prison of Elders at all you will need to complete the new story line with Petra Venj first. The event will function as the rest of the game and have weekly resets with different gear available each time

Brother Vance:

Vance allows access into the Trials of Osiris. Visiting him will allow you access into the trials once you have earned your way in. He will also need to be spoken to in order to claim your rewards from the event itself. This will function just like the Iron Banner and run from Friday through Tuesday until it resets with different rewards.

The Reef is now a booming, social meeting space in Destiny. The postmaster, vault and bounty robot dude are now included in the new space. Bounties just as the ones handed out in the tower will be claimable as well as being able to claim your rewards from the Postmaster. One thing that will be missing initially from the Reef is vendors. We will still have to return to the Tower in order to purchase new gear and upgrade items. The speaker will also remain in the tower in order to exchange items and Ascendant shards for a cost of 50 glimmer if you want. Bungie also noted that you do not need to purchase the House of Wolves content in order to visit the new Reef social space. As far as vendors not being present in the Reef, Bungie also stated that there “is plenty of room for expansion” so we know what that means, they’ll come eventually. The speaker will also have new weapons for all factions as well.

The crucible quartermaster will have new weapons that will hit the max 365 damage as well as defense max in the game. Bungie also noted that many players still have older weapons and items because of their exotic status. These will be upgraded to the max of 34 with a new items called estheric light. It’s an item that will drop in the Trials of Osiris and Prison of Elders events which you can then use to upgrade the weapons. For those who do not purchase the dlc content, don’t worry. You will still be able to earn the upgrade as it will also drop in Iron Banner events as well.

The Trials of Osiris will be revealed on April 29th with Prison of Elders being May 6th in the livestream. Take a look at some screens from the livestream below.




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