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Funk of Titans review (Xbox One)

Posted on January 7, 2015 by Cam

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Note: Funk of Titans will release for Xbox One on Friday, January 9th 2015 for $9.99. A copy was provided by “A Crowd of Monsters” for me to review the game.

“Cool daddy-o!” is an actual quote in Funk of Titans. Motivational to say the least. This is said by the main character Perseus, who is tasked by Zeus to defeat the “Music Titans” During the game, you will visit three different worlds – Pop, Rap and Rock. The unique thing about the game is that the game moves for you. The player only controls the jumping and the combat. (you will stumble across enemies and obstacles in the many levels the game has to offer)

The game is developed by “A Crowd of Monsters” with Funk of Titans being their first console video game. The game was first presented at Gamescom 2014, and had a set release date of Fall 2014. However, the game instead releases early 2015 on January 9th. You can view the EU launch trailer below.

The game is essentially fairly straightforward and easy to pick up and play, with each level featuring 100 “vinyl records” (the equivalent of coins) and a “Pegasus Idol” a item which you can pick up and with it, unlock a bonus level where you ride the Pegasus Idol through the sky, dodging obstacles as you go. It’s extremely bizarre, as you’ll find most of the game.

The soundtrack is awesome, which is expected in a game essentially based around music. Audio is great, but in some points I did suffer from audio cutout issues. The frame rate holds up well, although there isn’t really much on screen at one time that would really cause frame rate drops.

Anyone can really pick this game up and play. The only buttons you really need to know are A to jump and X, Y or B to attack. Something quite entertaining is that if you try to use the directional sticks, Perseus will make an entertaining comment about “how you can’t do that” The game level designs are quite generic after you’ve played through the first few levels of the game, though that’s not to say that obstacles and enemies aren’t placed fantastically.

You have two lives in the game, with one hit making you pretty much “naked” (your top is removed) which actually makes for some entertaining “Zeus missions” such as “Complete 3 levels while naked.” Zeus missions are the challenge function in the game, and are extremely fun and one of my favourite elements of the game. If you want to get all the achievements, you’ll be finding yourself doing this, as there’s an achievement for 100 Gamerscore titled “Demigod” for completing all of the Zeus challenges.

The game features a unique customization system, which you wouldn’t really expect to see in a “sidescroller” (I don’t really know what genre of game this is, insane maybe?) There isn’t really an extensive range of items to customise your character, but there are a fair amount to keep you going. Mission 4 in the Pop world requires you to get the “Flaming” sword to progress, and to be able to purchase this, you need to complete a set of the Zeus missions to upgrade your “Hero level”


This does mean you have to backtrack to complete more Zeus missions, which can be cool, but the amount of times the game makes you backtrack can get frustrating and repetitive. Giving the same feeling of frustration and repetition are the out of place boss battles, that seem to just be put into Funk of Titans just for the sake of having more of them.

Even though music is the obvious focus, enemies aren’t customised to fit the music genre of the world you’re playing, and neither are the bosses. Going through the different worlds felt like I was playing through the same music genre world the whole time, because nothing huge is tailored to the world you are playing in.

The specific items you have to use to open certain doors can get annoying. I found a collectible behind a door that said I needed to have a different weapon; and I had to replay the whole world just to get to that point again so I could open a door. Is this replay value? It could be considered it, but certainly not for me, I found it to just be a nuisance.

My overall impressions of Funk of Titans:

I liked Funk of Titans, but not really enough for it to be able to justify the $10 price tag. Although 40 missions of gameplay are included, there’s not enough to come back after all the achievements and challenges are finished and unlocked. There is some replay value with the collectibles, but even that can get repetitive.


My score: 6/10

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