G4 Unveils Return Of X-Play’s Adam Sessler & Attack Of The Show’s Kevin Pereira And Other Talent For The Network’s 2021 Return

Posted on February 15, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Surprising the announcement took place this past July which was already more than six months ago – G4 announced to be making a pivotal return to the airways, but will be an online-oriented platform dissimilar to the initially TV broadcast formula it left over a decade ago. As per the report from Rod Breslau, it is revealed that the revival of G4 would take place sometime in 2021, but a specific date is still left blank as of writing.

More on the meat of the comeback for G4, the network is told to be organized by Spector Gaming President Tucker Roberts. The philanthropist already shows interest in the video game industry with his current ownership of esports group T1 and Overwatch team Philadelphia Fusion. The network is told to reprise both its beloved X-Play and Attack of the Show series.

In a new B4 G4 skit uploaded on Friday, it is revealed by “G4 Interim CEO” Jerry_XLthat X-Play host Adam Sessler and Attack of the Show host Kevin Pereira will be returning to each show respectively. You can watch the Talent Announcement video below:

But that’s not all, G4 plans to also showcase esports as well and also went in lengths to recruit familiar faces in the industry to helm the task on G4 also. In that, Ovilee May and Froskurinn are to be responsible for the newly introduced ‘The Bleep Esports Show’ which will be under the G4 label alongside X-Play & Attack of the Show, of course.

While other former staff of G4 went on to work elsewhere in the industry, there is the off chance more familiar faces will be brought to the network perhaps. But for now, the aforementioned additions alongside WWE Superstar Xavier Woods are the new hosts for the approaching return for G4 later this year.

 Are you excited to see G4 in action later on in 2021?

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