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Game Freak’s Little Town Hero Is Being Ported To PlayStation 4 In Japan

Pokémon developer Game Freak if you weren’t aware released a new self-published title just this past October titled Little Town Hero. The game initially announced in 2018 was later revealed the following year to Little Town Hero with help from Undertale creator Toby Fox who composed the soundtrack for the turn-based RPG.

Despite the merit carried behind both Game Freak and the influence of Toby Fox who was involved with the project, many fans who picked up the game were underwhelmed by the game’s story alongside the overall gameplay that was offered with the full product. And while this only affected users on Nintendo Switch, the game looks to be hopping over to PlayStation 4.

While not the entire landscape on Sony’s platform, this only applies to owners in Japan. Developer Rainy Frog has announced to be porting the game for PlayStation 4. The Tokyo-based team reveals that this version will be offered with two different iterations: physical which is listed for 3,500 Yen which translates to roughly $30 USD and 2,500 Yen which is the equivalent of $20 USD.

It was revealed previously that Little Town Hero will be receiving a physical edition for Nintendo Switch, however, this announcement being made prior to the PlayStation 4 reveal does not seem to include the same edition later this spring. Which also leaves blank spaces regarding the west to receive the PlayStation 4 as well.

Don’t be surprised seeing a Game Freak title on a non-Nintendo console, this is not the first occurrence for the Japanese studio. Revealed in early 2019, game Freak announced that Giga Wrecker would be coming to both Nintendo Switch as well as PlayStation 4. Funny enough, Rainy Frog was the team responsible for the ALT. version of the 2017 title in Asia.

Do you think Little Town Hero would fit on the PlayStation Store?

Little Town Hero is said to release on April 23, 2020 in Japan for PlayStation 4; available now for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gematsu

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