Game Informer September Cover Revealed: Destiny Takes The Spotlight

Posted on August 17, 2015 by TwiztedShotzTV

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Early this afternoon Game Informer released their expected cover for September 2015. To everyone’s surprise (not really), it features a picture from Bungie’s latest Destiny expansion, The Take King, expected to release Sep 15th.


Without a doubt, Bungie is doing what it does best, drumming up hype for anything new that they produce.  This expansion is starting to feel more and more like a full game release with the way that it is being billed. No surprise here either, as it will feature mostly additions that have been requested since the hollow shell of a game that it’s player base has surprisingly not been able to put down since its launch last year, spite the fact of it’s story line and content has felt very lacking or, with regards to the story, not there at all.

Destiny is what it is.. Love it or Hate it, it’s there and coming at gamers full steam with this latest installment.

Print subscribers to Game Informer can watch for their issue to arrive in a week or two, but you can read the full digital issue later today on your chosen device provided you have the subscription.

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