GameStop Begins Stocking PC Components According To Several Website Listings

Posted on September 30, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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What many consider to be a thing of the past, GameStop is still searching for new ways to integrate itself into the steadily growing, digital-based market. Although profit for the firm has been tanking for years now, the company’s largest issue at hand this year happened to be the ability to follow COVID-19 precautionary guidelines. During the initial nationwide shutdown, multiple locations were reported to be going against what legislation put into effect to minimize spread of the illness.

Howbeit, the corporate entity believed GameStop is an essential retailer and remained open beyond the insisted deadline. Granted it was later enacted upon and store began following curb-side pick-up and other non-contact incentives, this was not a good look for GameStop. And as numbers continue to dwindle, the company is looking to new efforts to overcome the obstacle ahead.

That being through supplying PC components and other related accessories. Uncovered by u/tallkido on Reddit, users that search “components” on the GameStop website will find listings for a dozen PC-relevant parts. The finding certainly comes as a surprise since GameStop has always been a console-oriented retailer since its inception. But now, the firm looks to be taking on a new approach to keep its head over the water.

While what is listed is minimal for now with just over two handfuls of items available, this looks to potentially mutate into something more. Especially with many of the products being CoolerMaster brand items, the new approach could bring other recognized names to the storefront later on. Most importantly, this also brings familiarity to those looking to own a PC that is more associated with console gaming.

As of recent, there has been a push to bring gaming-related products to a broader consumer base through known retails. Such as IKEA as an example partnering with ASUS-owned Republic of Gamers (ROG) to create an entire catalogue of gaming furniture priced affordably to those looking to shop. You can read the full report by heading here.

What is your though on GameStop beginning to stock PC components?

Source: Reddit

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