GameStop Closes Nationwide Stores To Public, Only Pick-Up Orders Available For Remaining Open Locations

Posted on March 23, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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What came to be a truly appalling concern spawned from the precautionary protocols made by corporate GameStop during the weekend when we learned that store will remain open as the firm defined GameStop to be “essential retails.” This lead to vocal backlash towards the company online as many deemed the action inhumane to require store to be open during this climate of potentially imminent countrywide lockdown.

Following the discovery, it was later shot down by legislating in California as the state ordered that all locations in the west coast providence be closed after attention grew to the matter. Even more, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also made an executive order requiring all non-essential establishments to close alongside Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf revoked the company’s license to keep stores open in response to the decision made by corporate heads earlier on.

Now in the midst of more controversy that tailed this topic, GameStop CEO George Sherman sent a letter to all brick and mortar locations which announced that stores will be closed until further notice. However, the retail chain will only be closed to public walk-ins and switches to “delivery at the door” for storefronts that still remain open.

You can view the letterhead in the image below:

The corporate order went into effect this Sunday March 22 and will remain to until further notice. Customers who decide to use the curbside pickup alternative can do so via online orders or scanning the respected locations’ QR code.

“We continue to closely monitor local, state, and federal updates and guidelines and we are complying with all state, county, city, and local ordinance. However, let me state clearly, in any location that continues to operate, we will not make you work if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.” In addition to the decision made by Sherman, he also discloses that employees with paid time off are eligible for an added 80 hours to use atop of what is already available.

Is GameStop’s decision justified given that stores are given the choice to remain open for other precautionary alternatives?

Source: Kotaku

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