PAX East 2019: Gearbox Announces We Happy Few DLC, Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch, Pathologic 2, Trover, and Risk of Rain 2

Posted on March 28, 2019 by Colin Ferguson

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Gearbox wowed everyone at PAX East 2019 and Borderlands 3 wasn’t the only reason.

Gearbox announced that Compulsion Games will be bringing a DLC for We Happy Few. The DLC will be entitled “They Came From Below” and will be available on April 4th of this year.

We Happy Few Season Pass with They Came from Below. Credit to Compulsion and Gearbox.

The creators of Bulletstorm are also bringing the game and all its DLC to the Nintendo Switch. The version will be called “The Duke of Switch Edition” and is anticipated to be released early this summer. This is exciting news as Bulletstorm continues to be a popular IP for Gearbox. This might be a warmup for another Bulletstorm game in the future. They also announced that the game has been running extraordinarily well on the Switch port, which is great news.

Duke of Switch Edition announced during PAX East 2019.

tinyBuild, the developers behind Hello Neighbor and No Time to Explain! are announcing a sequel to the 2005 game, Pathologic. Pathologic 2 will be a psychological thriller game developed in the Unity engine and looks to be a very terrifying game. The game is set to release on May 23 on Steam.

Pathologic 2 title screenshot. Credit to tinyBuild.

Squanch Games is adding more hilarious high jinks with Justin Roiland with Trover Saves the Universe. Squanch was behind the hilarious VR game Accounting. In Trover Saves the Universe, it looks like the gameplay will be very combat-driven rather than a linear story experience. Trover Saves the Universe will be available on May 31st of this year.

Trover Saves the Universe Title Screen. Credit to Squanch Games.

Hopoo Games has recently been acquired by Gearbox and they’ve announced Risk of Rain 2. This new Risk of Rain is a far departure from the first game. Risk of Rain 2 will be fully 3D as opposed to 2D, retro style. The game is available today in early access on Steam with the full version to be announced soon.

Risk of Rain 2 Title Screen. Credit to Hopoo Games.

PAX East has already added plenty of excitement in a near E3 fashion. Gearbox is taking hold as one of the best publishers in the games industry after today.

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