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Rumor: Gears of War 6 is far along in development and could be open world

Posted on August 28, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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The Coalition has been quiet since their release of Gears of War 5 in 2019 and many are wondering what they’re working on. A couple of years ago it seemed like they were working on a new IP thanks to a LinkedIn post. However, the recent Microsoft layoffs that impacted The Coalition this year seemed to have canceled two internal projects to focus on the next Gears of War title.

According to Nick Baker of the Xbox Era Podcast, the development for Gears of War 6 is further along in development than most might think and it could be a fully open-world game.

“It is a little bit further along than some might think, and there is a strong possibility that it may be a full open-world game,” Nick said on the podcast.

This isn’t the first time Nick has spread a rumor about Xbox. He recently claimed that Persona 6 will be released on Xbox Day One and that Microsoft is planning a digital-only Xbox Series X.

It’s possible that Gears 6 will be an open-world game, building on the large levels and exploration added in Gears 5. As always, it’s important to take rumors with a grain of salt. Currently, neither The Coalition nor Microsoft has made any official statements regarding upcoming Gears of War games. We likely won’t hear anything until an announcement is made.

Source: XboxEra via Tech4Gamers

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