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Posted on December 4, 2016 by Tyler Nienburg

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Just Dance 2017
  • 7/10
    Total Score - 7/10


It’s a great game for any type of special occasion.

Platform – Xbox One (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, Wii, Wii U, Coming to Nintendo Switch
Developer/Publisher – Ubisoft
Release date – 10/25/16
Price – $49.99

When you think of Just Dance you see it as a party game for any special occasion. Just Dance 2017 continues that great vibe in the series with some of the biggest songs of the year, songs in the past, and songs from TV shows/movies to dance with.
After you installed the game and load it up, you’ll be granted with this message which includes a new feature for Just Dance. You now have a choice between using the new Just Dance Controller app which will sync to the game after you follow the instructions it provides, this is a great feature for users who do not own a kinect which makes the decision even easier to buy this game.

I’ve used the mobile app more than the kinect just because I am in a very small space. If I were to use a kinect I would have to have a lot of space to dance with and this is the case for a lot of users which this is considered a party/family game for the living room. You can control the entire game menu with the app instead of using the controller, that includes picking music, picking what mode you want to play, etc.

This is the Just Dance Controller app being used.

This is the Just Dance Controller app being used.

With every Just Dance game there are always different offline modes and online modes. One mode that caught my eye was the challenge mode where you can challenge some of the best people at Just Dance. Now knowing me I suck at this game, but I gave it a shot and got ultimately destroyed. Another cool feature I like about this mode is that while you are trying to get a better score than them you can see a video of them showing off how good they are, Ubisoft taking advantage of the kinect.
When it comes to a game like Just Dance I find it hard to dictate how the gameplay is since you are basically the person controlling most of it. What I will comment on though is at the bottom of the screen it shows the coming moves for the dance and at times I found it difficult to keep up with the song, though I bet other people who take the game seriously do not have a problem with that. I was mainly using the phone app and I am in a small space so some moves would not correctly count since when i barely moved I’d get a perfect or just a “OK” when I am actually trying. That’s something that a lot of people have problems with having a small space to work with and that goes for all kinect games.

I (Tyboy) am on the top left in this picture.

I (Tyboy) am on the top left in this picture.

Now, the most important part of this game is the music obviously, we all know Just Dance games will feature the most popular songs in the past year or music from famous movies/TV Shows as I said at the start of this review. Just Dance 2017 definitely provides a good variety of music to dance to. I’ve played some previous Just Dance titles and I always get that vibe of it being a updated song list and just a new year in the title, which is true but this time this one has a good set of modes to choose from.
Just Dance 2017 also lets players whip out a microphone and belt out a few vocal riffs to on-screen lyrics, which is a great addition for those who may want to brave both dancing/singing. That’s something we’ve never seen before when it comes to Just Dance, but it was good on Ubisoft to add something new and fresh to the series.
Lastly, Just Dance also has the Sweat mode where you can pick tracks to be stacked up into a playlist, designed for a stream of songs to work out to.
There isn’t much to say about Just Dance besides the new features and modes, it’s everything you can expect if you’ve played the previous ones. I’m not sure if there are ways to make this game different, but I do see improvements compared to the previous titles.

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