Ghost Of Tsushima Developer Leaks Potential Sequel For PlayStation 5

Posted on January 25, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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For Sony Interactive Entertainment’s future first-party lineup, it is for certain that its network of teams are already developing the unique releases that will reside on PlayStation 5. However, what these games will be are left to conjecture with only guesses suggesting some are sequels while other are entirely new properties altogether. But even then, slight details do speak for what is underway at these studios.

For one, the role changes at The Last of Us team Naught Dog strongly suggest a new project is underway. What is now considered a tradition at the developer, new studio leads are appointed ahead of the announcement for its next big title. The pattern formed for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last of Us Part II, and now this unnamed project.

To add onto that conversation for new projects from Sony Interactive Entertainment teams, there is now an update on Sucker Punch Productions. In a LinkedIn page for studio Cinematic Creative Director Dave Molloy, the studio employee before deleting wrote in his description to be working on a new Ghost of Tsushima game. The writing has been archived in a screenshot by Gaming Route.

“Presently working on the Ghost of Tsushima game for Sony PS5,” Molloy wrote in his description on the LinkedIn profile. For one, it could suggest that Molloy is involved with the game for the latest console, but, there is already a next-generation patch available for PlayStation 5 that shipped back on launch day.

The second suggestion goes on to imply Molloy and the rest of Sucker Punch Productions already kicked off development for a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima. Given the game only release this past July, it does come to be a bit soon to presume a follow-up is the next title. But, the game did receive massive praise on its execution when shipping this past summer.

It is also suggested that perhaps Sucker Punch Productions is possibly working on a new Infamous game previously. The firm back in July was reported to renew its domain for the series leaving room to encourage a possible new entry is on the way. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you think Sucker Punch Productions is going to work on next?

Source: Gaming Route

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