Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut Gets PC Release Slated For May 2024

Posted on March 6, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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This year, it was confirmed that PlayStation’s new releases will not be its established IPs this year. And while new titles are to launch in 2024, it’s original properties. But, legacy franchises are to find new homes, it’s been revealed. Previously, it was announced that Horizon Forbidden West is to launch in March 2023 for PC.

And it does not stop there. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment, Ballistic Moon, Nixxes Software, Until Dawn is being remastered for PlayStation 5 as well as PC sometime later this year. Additionally, a new report surfaced recently disclosing the same effort is in the works for Japan Studios’ Gravity Rush 2. And now, another is on this list.

After reports indicated news is coming soon, Sony Interactive Entertainment announces Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is coming to PC in May this spring. You can watch the trailer in the video below:

“We’re proud to announce that our friends and partners over at Nixxes are bringing Ghost of Tsushima to PC! This is a first for Sucker Punch – all our previous work is console-exclusive, so we are excited about all this and Nixxes was the right team to do this project,” Sucker Punch Productions co-founder Brian Fleming writes. “With them on board, we knew the results would be nothing short of amazing! Now excuse me as I go order a Super Ultra Wide monitor!”

In the mean time, we urge you read our initial review for Ghost of Tsushima. “I absolutely loved Ghost of Tsushima. So many games based on feudal Japan are over the top in one way or another, and to finally have a grounded, beautiful, mature take on this era is something I’ve wanted for a long time. Thankfully Sucker Punch delivers, and in the process have crafted what’s easily their best game.” You can read the full piece by heading here.

What has you excited for Ghost of Tsushima on PC?

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut ships on May 16, 2024 for PC; out now for PlayStation 5.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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