Ghost Recon: Wildlands gets new gameplay trailer

Posted on August 1, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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Ghost Recon Wildlands was first revealed by Ubisoft at E3 and was the subject to immediate praise. Ubisoft has released a new trailer showcasing some of the game’s environments as well as expansive open areas that we will be tasked with overtaking from the enemy. The series will feature an open world for the first time in the franchise and take place over many different, massive environments. Taking place in Bolivia, the country has become the largest cocaine producer in the world behind the Santa Blanca drug cartel. Of course, this doesn’t fare to well with the Ghosts who are sent in to destroy the enemy and restore the country’s government to its rightful order.

Players will be able to take part in the entire game through either single player or 4 player co-op in areas such as snow covered mountain tops, deserts, rainforests as well as any of the local villages along the way. You must make use of your environment to survive as much of the gameplay takes place during the day in wide open, expansive areas. There is also no order to how you need to play. We will be able to choose to complete any mission in any order we see fit to take our the cartel. There is currently no release date as of yet but Ubisoft has set a 2016 window for the game to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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