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God Of War DLC Pitch “Was Too Ambitious”, Says Game Director

Posted on January 10, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Game Director Cory Barlog for 2018’s Game of the Year God of War recently appeared on Kinda Funny’s GameOverGreggy Show and discussed with the show’s host about the near year old title. In the interview, Greg Miller and Tom Getty posed the question about post-launch content for the single player title and the idea of any planned DLC in the making.

During the discussion, Barlog revealed that he had his own idea for expanding on the game’s base story campaign and that the studio saw his pitch to be more than needed.

“I had a really fun idea for a DLC that I only regret because I would love to have done that, but it was too ambitious.”

The April launched action-adventure has already released a New Game Plus mode as a form of post-launch content, but a true expansion of the game’s core gameplay has yet to debut. According to Barlog, the pitched downloadable content was said to be a smaller piece of DLC and follow-up into a standalone story set in the game’s universe.

When pitching his idea to the team, the studio agreed that it was overly ambitious for concept and that for a single DLC is way out of proportion. “Rightfully so, everybody said, dude, this is crazy, this isn’t DLC, this is a little too big.”

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God of War is available now for PlayStation 4.

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