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God of War set to launch on March 22nd, PlayStation Store accidentally leaks.

Apparently, the upcoming PS4 exclusive God of War had its release date leaked by mistake on PSN earlier this morning, according to a Twitter user ‘Nibellion‘. He was quick enough to take a screenshot of the launch date from PlayStation Store which you can see below.
Sony soon after removed the release date information and can no longer be searched in the Store. The Game Awards hosted by the one and only Geoff Keighley is happening in two days on Thursday at 8:30 PM ET and PlayStation’s PSX 17 is happening in four days.
The official release date could be announced at one of these events, although we think of the PSX event is the most plausible event to secure the release date for the extremely awaited God of War title.
Until then, be sure to stick around on Rectify’s Twitter for more PlayStation news!

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