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GoodBye Educational Flash Games , Hello Html5 and !

Posted on May 15, 2022 by Riley Cashly

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As sites like Addicting Games and Newgrounds slowly lose their old flash games , I’ve been looking for something new to play during lunch breaks. Well today i think i found the New contender and champion that’s going to take over ( Sorry CoolMathGames , your still Cool I Promise !!! ) , aswell as be an education tool for kids I tutor .

 So today’s post i’d love to share the site I found and why I think they will take over as the new leader of online games now that flash is gone . With over 200 Categories already for Games , is killing it with content and there adding new games daily !

One of my favourite games currently is Actually a Educational one , Yup that’s right Parents alot of ‘s games are educational ! This game is called Bow and Angle.

Gameplay of Bow and Angle

Bow and Angle is an education game where , you fire arrows and Dodge enemy arrows by inputting their angle on a Protractor to learn about angles by using the concepts of archery.

Other Honorable mentions are : Mafia Billiard Tricks and OK K.O. Lets be Heroes: Parking Lot Wars Game being some of my other favourites.

The Best Part ? Because this game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache and works on Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

Try and let us know in the comments what your favorite game on the site is or if you found a better alternative to !

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