Grand Theft Auto 5 sells 65 million copies

Posted on May 18, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Yes, one of the biggest games Rockstar has made, Grand Theft Auto 5 achieved another goal, and that was selling 65 million units. When Take-two (publisher of Grand Theft Auto) had their latest financial call with investors, it had sold 60 million copies, which means that the game sold about 1.5 million each month.
The number is impressive, and the fact that the game released in 2013 might be a factor. Grand Theft Auto 5 was also the largest digital revenue for Take-Two, making their profits more than enough to keep the series alive.
Take-Two have said that the lifetime sales of the Grand Theft Auto series was over 220 million last year, and estimates show that now its 230 million, noting that Grand Theft Auto despite having countless of games, is still growing, and better than ever before.
With this Grand Theft Auto news, rumors suggest that at E3 Rockstar will reveal their next game for the series. So far we have been told that the game is still in very early development, but players would love to see a new entry in the series.

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