Grand Theft Auto V has now sold 80 million copies

Posted on May 23, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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We all knew how big Grand Theft Auto V was going to be big for Rockstar, but no one could have predicted the success it has had recently. The game seems to never leave the Top 20 of the UK Game Charts in fact, it’s usually in the top 10. Rockstar’s open world blockbuster has surpassed 80 million sales according to publisher Take-Two, which is an utterly insane figure. Equally mental is that the title has managed to shift 5 million copies since February. The game first released in 2013.
Take-Two says 75 per cent of sales have been physical, meaning that digital copies only count for a quarter of the total. Which goes to show you there is still a demand for physical copies even though we are headed to a full digital world.

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