Grasshopper Manufacture Head Goichi Suda Verifies Team Owning Rights To Shadow Of The Damned, The Silver Case, Fire Pro Wrestling Characters

Posted on October 22, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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As many are aware of Grasshopper Manufacture’s lineage of IPs, there are several that many speak highly of from the initial release. Much so that those same players desire to see a re-release of the same games for newer hardware – namely Nintendo Switch. Previously at Gamescom 2019, Goichi “Suda51” Suda told his plans for Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer7.

In that, he told the 2012 release could potentially return in some form. Additionally, Suda goes on to explain that Killer7 is also being brainstormed for more. Then it was told there was a masterpiece plan for the series with the story saved on his PC without sharing exact details. More recently, a LinkedIn account for one employee at Engine Software reveals his involvement with Killer7 on Nintendo Switch & PC.

When speaking to Destructiod, Suda shares that Grasshopper Manufacture has the rights to several characters and IPs from previous work. That includes Shadow of the Damned, The Silver Case, and Fire Pro Wrestling. You can view the segment of the interview in the video below:

“Yeah the- pretty much all the characters you mentioned, we at Grasshopper own all the rights to them. Shadows of the damned, that’s our game, we own the rights to that,” he discloses. “New Type Kamoi, he originally appeared in The Silver Case series, that’s also a Grasshopper IP. Midori Miorikawa, she originally appeared in The 25th Ward version of The Silver Case so that’s another one we own.

“Notorious was actually from Fire Pro Wrestling from way back in the dat. And right now, yeah, Grasshopper owns the rights to him as well. So all the characters that you mentions so long as some from Shadows of the Damned, we own all the rights to all those theoretically, yeah, we could do whatever we want with them. Where the characters of the IPs- as far as the possibility of them popping out in some kind of game in the future, that’s definitely a possibility, yeah.

“Again these are characters, you know, that we can do whatever we want with and I would definitely like revisit some of them and maybe do a couple of new things with some of them at some point in the future. They might be popping out in a brand new IP. They might come up in a redo of an existing IP, I don’t know, but yeah there is a relatively good chance that you’re gonna see some or all of them again sometime in the future.”

Which Grasshopper Manufacture series/character would you like to see make a return?

Source: Destructoid

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