Grasshopper Manufacture Says Plans For New Games Stretches Onward For The Coming Decade, CEO Hints At Returning To Older IPs

Posted on October 22, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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From the mind of Goichi ‘Suda51’ Suda, many fans admire the work that he released in the two plus decades that he has been in the industry. Ranging from The Silver Case to Killer7, Lollipop Chainsaw, and No More Heroes, Suda continues to deliver memorable and unique tales for the video game industry. Previously, Suda hinted at work from prior IPs potentially returning; hinting at The Silver Case then.

Months later the aforementioned title received a re-release for Nintendo Switch that shipped this past summer. Additionally, Suda in a recent interview with IGN Japan shares that he would love to continue the No More Heroes series after the third game that shipped this summer. However, he presses the decision is left for Marvelous to make.

When speaking to a contributor for Video Game Chronicles, Suda explains that the roadmap for developer Grasshopper Manufacture has projects leading well into the next decade at the very least.

We’ve got a general plan in place for the next ten years. At this point, we’re planning on doing three titles over the next decade: three new IPs. We’ve actually already begun the pre-production stuff on the first title, but I can’t say anything about it just yet.

While I wouldn’t say the games we plan to make are going to be full-on AAA titles, they aren’t exactly going to be really small-scale or anything like [3DS shooter] Liberation Maiden, either; I’d say they’re probably going to be around ‘AA’-scale games. As in, the games themselves will be around AA-level scale, and the core team making them will be a relatively compact team.

With regard to the three new IPs I mentioned, we may actually go a slightly different route. What I mean is, we may actually decide to do like one new, original IP – the one we’re working on now – and then make a game version of an existing IP for our second game, and then go back and do another new one for the third one.

When pressed on potential plans for what is to come from the Grasshopper Manufacture repertoire, Suda shares the studio does not own the rights for series such as Sun, Flower, Rain and Killer7. Video Game Chronicles does note Shadow of the Damned, but the team recently acquired the rights to the IP and characters for other namely series.

“While I don’t have any current plans or anything in the works, if I were to go back and revisit some of our past titles, it would most likely be one of these. If I were to do something with one of our past titles, I don’t know if it would be an actual sequel, or something more akin to a remake or remaster, but one thing I’d be interested in is revisiting Killer is Dead.

“You know how first another director did Suicide Squad, and then James Gunn did the reboot, THE Suicide Squad? I might like to do something like that, like take Killer is Dead and remake it into The Killer is Dead or something. Because the game that got released ended up being quite different from what I had originally set out to make, and revisiting that and remaking it into what it was originally meant to be could be really interesting.”

What we do know is that Grasshopper Manufacture head Suda alongside White Own Games’ Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro is working closely on a conjoined project so far, Hotel Barcelona. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you hope to see come to fruition from Grasshopper Manufacture?

Source: Video Game Chronicles

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