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GTA Online: Lowriders Update!

Posted on October 16, 2015 by Blue Impulse

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Consoles: PS4, Xbox One and PC

GTA Lowrider Update

Update Release Date: Tuesday, October 20th

Rockstar just announced their next update to GTA Online and prepare to now be chased in Lowriders. The new content update adds new customization to excite lovers of cars big and small.
The content will include a new store, Benny’s Original Motor Works. This new custom shop will offer mods that will pimp your ride. The shop will offer:

  • Half a dozen customizable vehicles
  • New lowrider mods
  • Interior design (Leather, velour, patterns and parts)
  • Custom colours and designs
  • Boost stereo performance

Interior Design

The update will also offer new features that allow to use your newly found mods, these include:

  • Open doors, hood and truck inside or outside your car
  • Turn on the engine from outside your car
  • Flash your neon lights and change radio

Use of the outside car features

Lamar will also be giving you some new missions to do with your crew. New weapons include the machine pistol and a machete and plenty of new clothes to make you the freshest on the block.

Here is the trailer for the update!


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