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Erron Black Challenge

Gunslinger Erron Black – MKX Mobile Challenge Thursday (1/10/19)

Hello gamers, it’s Thursday once again. This week’s MKX Mobile Challenge is everyone’s favorite Outworld enforcer: Gunslinger Erron Black. It’s also a more relaxing challenge since there is only one Character this time around, as opposed to three from last week.


Erron Black stats

Gunslinger Erron Black (Outworld):

GUNSLINGER: +30% Attack vs. Spec Ops. Achieving 80% on Stand Off (Special Attack 2) makes unblockable and a Critical Hit.

Base Statistics:

  • 1,060 Attack
  • 950 Health
  • 850 Toughness
  • 1,000 Recovery
  • 100% Power Generation
  • Special Attack 1: Sand Slide (Medium damage)
  •       ”           ”      2: Stand Off (High damage)
  •       ”           ”      3/X-Ray: Trick Shot (Extreme damage)


Tower Challenge:

  • IV (12 matches): An Outworld Character must be on your team
  • V (15 matches): Kung Jin (of any type) must be on your team.



  • Normal Difficulty: Acquiring Gunslinger Erron Black (or another Tier if you already have him).
  • Hard Difficulty: A new Tier of Gunslinger Erron Black plus Revolvers Weapon.


Gunslinger Erron Black has an unblockable Stand Off attack (Special Attack 2), if achieved at 80% or more, with an automatic Critical Hit, which makes him a very formidable fighter. Since he’s an Outworld Character, if you team him up with Day of the Dead Kitana (with her Outworld healing ability) and Master of Souls Ermac (who starts with a bar of Power for each Outworld teammate), you’ll have a very powerful Outworld team.

This Challenge ends on Thursday January 17th, 2019 at 11 AM PST.

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